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~ A Cut Above ~



Theo Wolfensberger, who has taken several courses with the us, sent the following note after completing an ASA118 Docking course in August 2014:


A must course for any sailor using a sailboat with auxiliary power. I left this course with the confidence that I can approach any docking situation without fear, knowing that with the necessary preparation of and instructions to my crew, I will get my boat into any slip or close-situation parallel dock, even in windy situations. Captain Don Boccuti was an outstanding instructor, showing in his calm way, how to approach even difficult situations. Add to that the exemplary preparation and paperwork by the back office of the Maryland School of Sailing and Seamanship. 

Captain Don Boccuti was an outstanding instructor. He explained maneuvers first in the class room then on the boat. His calm way demonstrated how even difficult situations could be reduced to easy to handle steps without losing one's calm. 

The Maryland School of Sailing and Seamanship shines in its exemplary preparatory work and the transparency of how the course material and the logistics are handled. 

Every time I board a Maryland School of Sailing and Seamanship boat I am impressed by the condition, cleanliness and caliber of their boats. Island Packet boats on introductory courses? Where else do you find that! 

Looking for a 105 course, who else would you want than the author of the ASA course material? Once "on board" it was clear where to continue.



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