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~ A Cut Above ~



Charles Zapf, who tok our ASA106 DELMARVA Circumnavigation Cruise in July 2019, sent the following note


This class was exactly as described - it was a teaching class. With 4 students and 2 instructors, there was plenty of time for instruction and participation. It was a rigorous course, which I think goes along with preparing for offshore sailing.  It was a unique opportunity to sail with an instructor as experienced as Capt. Tursi. I know I will reference his text in the future and especially in heavy weather I will think about his comments during the course. I was particularly struck by his thoroughness and patience - we were always prepared when it came time to execute - for example, sailing under the North Channel bridge in the dark of night. Step by step, we approached, checking each bouy, looking where we wanted to be- no drama, no yelling, just patient preparedness. It was very impressive.

Capt. Cook was also a solid presence in teaching and a good assistant instructor. His sense of humor was a good addition to the intensity of the whole experience.  Rita is easy to communicate with and helpful. Her description of this course was accurate and helpful. No false advertising.  S/V Navigator is kept is excellent condition with up to date electronics and equipment. Goes along with "A serious school" - boats and equipments that are well cared for.  Keep up the good work. Serious school for serious sailors - students might not understand the difference in the early courses, but by the time you get to 106, a serious school is a must. And all of the other students in this course were serious as well, which added to the atmosphere.

Charles Zapf ~ ASA 106 Delmarva Circumnavigation Graduate, July 2019

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