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Course:      ASA 104 Chesapeake Bay Intermediate Coastal Cruise
Date:          June 17-21, 2001
Vessel:       IP350 RESULTS
Students:    Craig Jakus, Ann Jakus, Peter Ford, Peter Christis
Captain:     Terry Griggs

Tuesday, June 17: We were unable to leave dock until 4:10 PM as a strong cold front blew through the area and water was blown out of Swan Creek producing an ultra low tide; high tide was 4:17 PM. Reviewed sailing expertise of students, what they intended to get out of the course, and their future sailing plans. Raised repaired staysail from previous class problems and reviewed provisioning techniques, water rationing and a host of seamanship and navigation topics. Determined menue for the cruise and procured items needed at the local market. 

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Reviewed docking procedures and theory, engine components, navigation terminology and symbols, how to take fixes, plot DR and Running Fixes. Planned the cruise route to the following destinations: From Rock Hall to Magothy River; anchor in Broad Creek. To St. Michaels; tie up in slip stern-to at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. To Baltimore Inner Harbor Marina; tie up in a slip stern-to. To Annapolis Ego Alley; tie up side- to at Fawcetts. To home slip in Rock Hall, Swan Creek. Plotted course using hand bearing compass enroute to Magothy. Reviewed anchoring methods and techniques including why, where, hot buggy days, cool nights, weather forecasts and respective changes in conditions. Set anchor. Grilled Steak. 

Wednesday, June 18: Pulled up anchor, motored to mouth of Magothy River; sailed on a broad reach to Bloody Point Light, then motor sailed up Eastern Bay using running fixes and bearings to establish positions on chart. Reviewed TVMDC for compass conversions in Nav problems. Also reviewed "New Reels Catch Fish, So Purchase Some" for remembering the priority of right of way vessels. IE: New = Not Under Command. Reel = Restricted Ability to Maneuver. Catch Fish = Commercial Fishing Vessel. So = Sailing Vessel. Purchase = Power Driven Vessel. Some = Sea Plane. Docked in Maritime Museum; toured St. Michaels. Ate at Town Dock Restaurant for dinner, Poppi's for breakfast. 

Thursday, June 19:  All students practiced standing right turns under power and docking in a slip. Sailed to Kent Narrows and went to Mears Point Marina to practice standing turns in a crowded area. Students experienced the effects of current at The Narrows; reviewed boat handling techniques both with and against the current Reviewed VHF radio frequencies and procedures and had students communicate with the drawbridge tender. Also reviewed what VHF channels to scan for important data and info from USCG. Students plotted destinations/bearings, etc.   

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Sailed to the Patapsco River and up to Baltimore; tied up at the Inner Harbor Marina near the Rusty Scupper. Had to do several standing right turns within the Marina to eventually find our slip; great practice and the students are beginning to really understand the importance of correct boat handling, prop wash, prop walk etc. Went ashore and toured the Inner Harbor. Later, went over standards in the ASA logbook to make sure we had covered all the requirements and that they were understood. Ate at Tex Mex. 

Friday, June 20:  Motored out the Patapsco to the White Rocks until wind picked up. Viewed both sides of Fort Carroll going in and out of the river. Had students review chart for sunken vessel symbols as one side of the fort does have these hazards. Tacked back and forth to Annapolis as wind was from the south at 12-19 knots; best sailing day of the cruise so far; close hauled the whole route. Pulled into Ego Alley and practiced standing turns at the end of the channel. Tied up starboard side-to at Fawcetts and discussed preferred methods of docking considering wind and current effects. Students took ASA test. Ate at Maria's for dinner, Chick and Ruth's for breakfast.    

Saturday, June 21:  Reviewed tests, and specifically the missed questions so students knew the correct answers and why they were correct. Opened up the engine compartment and reviewed components and maintenance including how to perform purging, changing filters, clearing cooling lines, etc. Practiced more standing-turns in Ego Alley, and motored out of Severn River before setting sails. Practiced MOB drills on way back to Swan Creek and asked students how they would retrieve a hat if blown off the head, would it be a quick stop/turn or would it be a figure 8. Described the dangers of a figure 8 in losing sight of MOB if there were seas of any significant height at all. Winds were light, so we motor-sailed back to home port. Practiced bulkhead docking port side-to at Haven Harbor gas dock and springing out to leave. Cleaned boat, signed logs, snapped pictures, filled out paper work and turned in.   

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This was a great group of students and it was great to sail with them; they will be taking ASA 106 course together at a later date. 

Captain Terry Griggs
aboard S/V RESULTS, IP350
Rock Hall, MD
June 21, 2001

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