2005 Chesapeake Bay Cruise

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Course: ASA 104 Intermediate Coastal Cruising 
Date: May 19-23, 2005
Vessel: IP-32 MOXIE
Students: Bill Antoshkiw, Philip Berger, Howard Berger
Captain: Bill McClure

May 18th
I met the students as they came in the evening, and we went into town for supper and a food run.

May 19th
In the morning the other student arrived and we went over the introductions to each other and the boat. We followed with the course objectives and the safety issues: MOB, some rules of the road, radio techniques, and reefing procedures. The weather service on the VHF predicted that a low was going to come through in the evening with thundershowers, strong winds and a dip in the temperature. The weather report was ominous so we decided to just go across the bay to the Magothy River. It was a wise decision as the wind was already up to 25 when we dropped anchor and the rain was started. We decided two anchors and extra rode were called for and set them at 60 degrees with a 10 to 1 scope. The wind blew all night and increased to 45. The rain poured.

May 20th
The dawn came up gray and drizzling. As we waited for the wind to moderate, we had breakfast, did some more lessons, and talked about where to go next. We all agreed that with half the day gone and the weather still a bit iffy Annapolis, which was not far away, would be a good choice.

We had a vigorous sail to the Severn River and found a mooring buoy with no problems. Though this was Saturday, last night's storm had kept the weekend sailors at home and the place was all ours.

Showers and the Chart House for dinner and we were ready for a quiet night. The water taxi driver said that it had been the worst storm short of a Hurricane that he had experienced in his 5 years in Annapolis.

May 21st
Our third day was sunshine and light wind but we were able to sail all the way to St. Michael's.

We arrived late in the day to find that dock space was reserved. Strange it looked like there was a lot of empty space. We anchored and rowed in our dinghy. We went to the Crab Restaurant which also looked half empty. We were told there would be an hour wait. As we were coming back from our walk through the town, the mystery was solved. Large black SUVs with darkly tinted windows came up each street , and pretty much surrounded the area. Then a large Trumpy named "Margaret" and an escort boat pulled up to the docks and the Vice President and Donald Rumsfeld with their party came off the boat.

May 22nd
The weather report looked good so after dinner we studied a bit then hauled anchor and prepared to do an overnighter to Baltimore. We had the opportunity to talk to a couple of tugs during the night and were temporarily lost at least once. We arrived at the inner harbor as the day broke and went in search of breakfast. We were too early for anything but coffee at a hotel just off the water. After a short nap we practiced docking and then set off for Rock Hall.

May 23rd
We arrived in Rock Hall by mid day; fueled and pumped out; tucked MOXIE into her slip; and cleaned up. It was a memorable five days. We had all kinds of weather and enough excitement to make it a true adventure. And everyone passed their tests!

Captain Bill McClure
Aboard S/V MOXIE
Rock Hall, MD
May23, 2005

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