2006 Chesapeake Bay Cruise

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Course: ASA 104 Intermediate Coastal Cruising 
Date: Aug 28-Sept 1, 2006
Vessel: IP-32 MOXIE
Students: Guy Meredith, Danielle Meredith and Nicola Meredith
Captain: Joe Kliment

Aug 28, Monday: This cruise was a unique family affair, as Guy brought his daughters, 9 year old Nicola and 11 year old Danielle, along as non-testing sailing students.  The family wanted to be trained as a team, to become safe and skilled sailors while experiencing an adventure that the girls would enjoy and remember. After the students became familiar with the vessel and the course objectives, we planned the cruise menu and took inventory of galley supplies before purchasing provisions. We then evaluated the weather, discussed navigation, checked ship systems and departed Langford Bay Marina. Proceeding south on the Chester River, with all students taking a turn at the helm the crew began to learn the basics. We traveled through Kent Narrows and down the Eastern Bay to St. Michaelís, where Guy expertly docked MOXIE at the Maritime Museum. Exploring the Museum gave the crew a good opportunity to stretch their legs on shore while learning some maritime history. We enjoyed dinner at the Crab Claw.

Aug 29, Tuesday: After breakfast, the students plotted our course for the day, then checked boat systems before departing St. Michaelís. We motorsailed out of the Miles River to Eastern Bay, then crossed the Chesapeake to the West River. Danielle and Nicola also took turns at the helm and keeping a lookout. The wind picked up and we enjoyed some good sailing before Guy took us up the Rhode River for our evening anchorage. The crew explored the area in a dink before a thunderstorm cut short their fun. After dinner aboard, Guy reviewed and studied the ASA104 material in preparation for his test.

Aug 30, Wednesday: We awoke to find fog had enveloped the river, but a NW wind soon picked up and we raised the anchor to begin our travel down the West River. With wind on the nose, we motorsailed to the Chesapeake and headed north, tacking with a lightly reefed main in 15-20 knot winds. At the helm, all the students were able to tack quite well, as we continued our progress to Annapolis. Guy brought MOXIE into Ego Alley and once again docked her with expertise. We secured her for the night before the crew went ashore to explore the Annapolis waterfront. On their return, Guy took and passed his ASA104 test, then we all enjoyed dinner at Pusserís.

Aug 31, Thursday: After breakfast, we discussed and plotted the course before departing Annapolis. We proceeded up the Bay, around Kent Island, up the Chester River and back to Langford Bay. Once again Guy docked like an expert. The latest forecast warned of severe weather this evening and overnight, so we decided to bring MOXIE into her home slip today, rather than risk unpleasant or dangerous conditions tomorrow.

Sept 1, Friday: The crew cleaned the boat and reluctantly packed out after accomplishing their many goals for this cruise. Guy had become a more competent sailor, now feeling quite confident to charter a sailing vessel. The girls had learned that they loved to sail, as they quickly became valuable crew, now trained and able to accompany Guy in future sailing adventures.  The girls wished the cruise had not ended, for they were now true sailors!

Captain Joe Kliment
Aboard S/V MOXIE
Rock Hall, MD
Sept 1, 2006

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