2007 Chesapeake Bay Cruise

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Course: ASA 104 Intermediate Coastal Cruising 
Date: June 29-July 6, 2007
Students: Bill & Linda Eggbeer
Captain: Bill McClure

June 29, Friday
This was a small class of only two students, a man and wife who had recently purchased an Island Packet and were new to sailing. 

June 30, Saturday
We decided to leave after the first day of preparations and enjoy the fireworks at several locations. We spent the first night anchored off St. Michaels with dinner in town and then back to the boat for a brilliant light display. 

July 1, Sunday
Rain over night brought cool weather and great winds for a sail to Oxford where we anchored just in time to cook an on board dinner and then another fireworks display that we all judged to be even better then the first night. 

July 2, Monday
Lessons aboard in the morning and then a fast sail until we hove to for lunch; then a slower sail in diminishing winds to Galesville. In Galesville the students went ashore to find some supplies and I slowly motored around the harbor until they returned and I picked them up at the end of a dock. Anchored out for the evening, we had a great dinner and more fireworks but this time they were further away and we could only see the higher rocket displays over the trees. 

July 3, Tuesday
The morning of July 3 it was off to Annapolis and up the Severn river to Bill & Linda's marina to inspect their new boat. We did the systems discussions, electrical, plumbing and engine.A quick shower and down the Severn into Whitehall bay, and up mill creek, where two of their sons joined us to celebrated their anniversary with a crab feast and yet more fireworks.

July 4th, Wednesday
The weather started to turn on us with the barometer going down and the sky clouding over. We made a fast sail to Swan Creek where we tried to practice warping at the old Gratitude Point marina, but the winds became too strong and the seas were building so we abandoned the practice about 1600 and headed for Rock Hall to tie up at Waterman's Restaurant. On the way we were hailed by a young couple and a dog who had run aground on an outgoing tide and were afraid of the building storm so we did the right thing and pulled them off. It was a great teaching experience on how to rig a bridle and to pull the other boat so that it would twist and break the hold of the mud. It came right out, and with many a thank you they were safely on their way to a sheltered anchorage. That night the winds blew up to 60 knots inside the harbor where tied up it was noisy but not at all uncomfortable and the night went quickly. 

July 5, Thursday
The next day we sailed back to Langford Bay Marina and practiced docking and coming alongside . Throughout the trip we had practiced man overboard drills, and we did one more pretending there was only one person left on board. The drill went beautifully and the rescue took only 2 minutes and 4 second from when the dummy went into the water. 

July 6, Friday
Final day: Tests, fuel up, pump out, cleanup, review and congratulations. A great class!

Captain Bill McClure
Lankford Bay Marina
July 6, 2007

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