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~ A Cut Above ~




Jim Suhr, who took our ASA105 Coastal Navigation and ASA107 Celestial Navigation Home Study courses, sent the following comments:


I took the ASA105 class through the self study class with the additional lectures on DVD. The books, lectures, and practice problems w/solutions (both the solutions book and DVD) were all outstanding.  The instructions on the Lectures DVDs from Capt Tom Tursi were outstanding. It followed the book and other course material in a logical flow. The explanations by Tom on the solutions DVD were also very helpful. 

The ASA105 course was a great self-paced winter class for me. I have been sailing for 42 years and an Air Force pilot for 27 years, so have a pretty good background in navigation. I learned a ton from this class. Some things I had forgotten and some things I can't believe I did not know before.  

The school's saying, 'a serious school for serious sailors' says it all. I like the idea of learning from serious / professional instructors who challenge students and expect us to work and learn. I am doing ASA 107 with you now and hope to do more with you in the future.

Jim Suhr ~  ASA 105 and ASA 107 Graduate Winter 2020 


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