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~ A Cut Above ~



We received this letter from Claire Miller who took a Docking Class with Captain Joe Kliment in October 2007:

Captain Joe, 
I wanted to thank you for a great docking class experience. I learned a lot from your instruction.  But even more importantly, you gave me the confidence to dock my own boat last weekend.  I ran a mini docking class for myself on Sunday in Swan Creek. The poor kayakers really were giving me looks as I practiced my standing turns. After practicing in the mooring fields of Swan Creek Marina, I ran the gauntlet to the Haven Harbor fuel dock. I brought that boat in sweetly and laid her against that dock as gently as you please. My exit was a little more exciting but without calamity.  I'll have to try the warp line next time.
Then I docked my boat in the slip, stern to!  It took me a couple of tries to get it in. On the second try, I lined her up and backed in. Unfortunately, the wind caught the bow. I told my husband to grab the line on the piling and wrap it around the stern cleat. Lo and behold, that warp line, brought the stern around and I was able to back the rest of the way in. My husband was impressed.  
Thank you for helping to build my confidence and giving me the knowledge about how to maneuver a boat in tight spaces. I actually looked forward to docking the boat because I knew that I could do it.  My only regret is that I waited 11 years to overcome my fear. But it feels great to have taken the challenge head on and to follow through with practice on my own boat.  
Best regards, 

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