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We offer a full range of courses from Basic Sailing lessons through Ocean Training Cruises on Island Packet yachts in Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean between Delaware Bay,  Norfolk and Bermuda. We also teach  Docking Practice classes and live online Coastal Navigation, Celestial Navigation and Electronic Navigation classes. Students can earn certification from the American Sailing Association (ASA). Located near Rock Hall, MD on the Eastern Shore of Chesapeake Bay.

We have been a blue water ocean sailing school since 1993 when we conducted our first ocean training cruise on a 1500 mile non-stop Atlantic Ocean cruise from St Thomas directly to Norfolk where students were able to learn open ocean sailing in the real world environment of blue water off shore sailing. Since then, we have conducted over 300 advanced coastal and ocean training cruises of between 400 and 1500 miles each, and have become established as a recognized ocean sailing academy. Our ocean Captains are true sailing masters with many years of ocean sailing experience on boats under 100 feet and with USCG Master licensing... Come sail with us!

Why Maryland School?

"The Maryland School of Sailing & Seamanship boasts an impressive staff of offshore-savvy instructors and is notable for its high level of organization and dedication to real ocean sailing."

  Quote from Blue Water Sailing magazine, July 2002 issue, page S-10

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